Who's Behind the Mask

Hi - I'm Lauren Purkis, President of Face Forward Canada.   As a mother of 5, with a daughter who had a serious bout of pneumonia just over a year ago, it was imperative for us to bring to the market a face covering that provided the ultimate protection.   We partnered with a US colleague that specializes in textile application for front line workers and designs fabrics for NASA.  To say his knowledge of the textile industry is solid would be an understatement.  After seeing many other samples cross our desks, when the Face Forward mask came in and we tested it, we knew this was the one.  The water resistant outer shell provides protection for the wearer as it blocks fluid transfer.   We did not simply want a cloth mask with no outer protection as when cotton gets wet- we felt that could be a breeding ground for bacteria.   The mid layer is a printed layer of activated carbon that reactivates after washing and drying.  It was super important for us to have a reusable face covering.  The idea of adding more single use products to landfill just didn't sit right with us.   We are always committed to trying to reduce our carbon footprint.        The final layer that sits against your face is made of a moisture wicking cotton.  This layer is very soft and comfortable, ideal for long wears. The adjustable nose piece and elasticized ear loops ensure a secure fit on the face.   Another point of difference is our size selections, the masks come in 6 sizes from XXS-XL offering sizes to cover your whole family.  

A non-medical mask needs to perform to make people feel confident as we truly believe in Function or Fashion, so Face Forward masks also successfully pass the Candle test - If you have a mask at home, watch our video and give it a try.  Offering this high performance mask to the civilian market allowed us to feel confident that medical supplies would stay in the hands of the front line teams.

Finally, we feel it is important to give back in these unprecedented times.  For every mask purchased, we donate $1 to Food Banks Canada from online sales and a percentage of sales from our corporate orders.  We have a goal to raise $50K for Food Bank Canada this year.

We hope you give Face Forward masks a try - we feel as a community is important that if you can do so, wear a mask/face covering to do your part to stop the spread.  We truly are #strongertogether

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them - Please feel free to reach out to lauren@faceforwardca.com

In good health,