Enjoy a TravelOnly Experience with your Best Face Forward

Enjoy a TravelOnly Experience with your Best Face Forward



(Toronto, ON) - TravelOnly and Face Forward Canada, both privately held, family run Canadian companies, together jointly announced a partnership to provide Canadians with safe protective measures when travelling.Beginning Monday, May 25, TravelOnly will offer their advisors, customers and industry partners with 3-layer reusable, sustainable face masks for purchase. Partnering with Face Forward Canada, TravelOnly wants to help promote safe practices when travelling, while keeping certified medical PPE in the hands of front-line heroes.

“As a leader in the travel sector, protecting our advisors and customers--and further our community--hasalways been top of mind,” states Gregory Luciani, President & CEO of TravelOnly. “After immense research on the best non-medical face masks, we’re proud to begin this partnership with Face Forward Canada, offering the best customizable masks, using the most advanced materials, while donating a portion of the proceeds to Food Banks Canada”. 

With over 800 expert home-based travel advisors across Canada and 45 years in the travel industry, TravelOnly is one of the largest travel agencies in Canada specializing in air, cruise, all-inclusive and luxury vacations. In response to the global pandemic, and to meet the necessary safety requirements as recommended by Health Canada and the CDC, TravelOnly partnered with Face Forward to manufacture non-medical masks for their advisors and clients.

Face Forward Canada, a division of Caulfeild Apparel Group Ltd, worked in partnership with a US colleague who specializes in textile application for front line workers and is developing fabrics for NASA to produce the most advanced, non-medical mask available.  As a result, Face Forward masks consist of a water repellant polypropylene outer shell that blocks fluid transfer, an internal layer of Antimicrobial ACTIVATED CARBON to filter pathogens, and a moisture wicking, comfort cotton liner to keep the wearers face dry and comfortable.  Air transfer is further controlled through mouldable nose pieces, diverse size ranges and elasticized ear loops to ensure the perfect fit and maximum protection for everyone from small children to adults. 

“As a family of 7 that loves to be a part of our communities, travelling, and spending time with our loved ones, we wanted to bring to the market a technical non-medical mask that would allow us to feel confident doing what we love, with the people we love most! states Lauren Purkis, President of Face Forward Canada.  The opportunity to partner with TravelOnly to provide their clients with protective measures for travel was a natural fit, as our company’s value systems and goals are aligned in these unprecedented times - Provide protection for our communities while giving back to those in need.”

About TravelOnly

TravelOnly, a family owned, proudly Canadian business since 1974, started as Luciani World Travel. A passion for travel created their mission: to spread the joy and experience of quality travel to as many people as possible. With over 800 expert home-based advisors across Canada, specializing in air, cruise, all-inclusive vacations, as well as luxury travel with offices in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, TravelOnly is one of the largest travel agencies in Canada.  TravelOnly has a nationwide presence across Canada with trusted partners and suppliers within the industry and provides unparalleled travel experiences with the personal touch and expertise of a designated travel advisor. TravelOnly operates their business like a family – with great care, love, and commitment to their clients.

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About Face Forward Canada

Face Forward Canada is a division of Caulfeild Apparel Group Ltd, a 135 year old Canadian company.  Face Forward was created to bring the most advanced, non-medical, reusable face masks to the Canadian market.  President of Face Forward Canada Lauren Purkis, a mother of 5, saw the need for a family-oriented, superior product that offered sizing options for children and adults to ensure the entire family was kept safe, and comfortable. The masks feature a 3 layer system that includes a water resistant outer shell to block fluid transfer, an inner layer of anti-microbial activated carbon that captures and neutralizes pathogens.  A mouldable nose clip and elastic ear loops ensure a secure fit, and a moisture wicking cotton liner keep the user’s face dry and comfortable all day.  As a further benefit, Face Forward Canada has decided to donate a portion of all proceeds to Food Banks Canada to help provide meals to those most affected during these hard times.

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